Graphic design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and colour.


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Create our wedding stationery.


A friend of mine bought me we wedding planner which was designed by Brightside and from that moment on I knew I loved the use of the typography and wanted to feature it across all my stationery.

Save the Dates

The first thing I designed was the Save the Date cards. I came across the idea of using the string, to help show the “Tie the Knot” . When the invite was opened the string then tightened to formed a knot. Each invite had to be put together by hand but it gave an amazing effect ‘Wowed” people.

The invites themselves were litho printed with the use of a Silver Pantone, which helped to make the print look bright and impactful! The outside of the save the date was white and simple.The inside to be the “Wow” factor!


The invites were double sided and again Litho printed. While researching invites and receiving so many, I always found that they always come with lots of bits of paper with hotel details on etc. This isn’t something I wanted – as I feel it can take away from the overall look.

The RSVPs are at the bottom of the invite with scissor marks just above them. All they needed to do was add a stamp and pop them back in the post!

The envelops were bought from a website and constructed from brown paper – to help keep the rustic look and feel.

Simple, rustic order of services.

Wedding Tables

After we booked the venue, it was then time to sort out the food. We decided to go for a BBQ and so I wanted some of the table settings to link in.

Place settings

One of the main things you have at a BBQ is tomato sauce! I decided to designed my own jars and personalise them for each person. Each one featured their name, our wedding date and a message saying enjoy our yummy BBQ.


One afternoon I was on Pinterest and came across American BBQs and Diners – some of the napkins featured text on them such as ‘Eat, Drink and Be Married”. I decided to create my own – but make them look a little posh! After roping in a few friends I came up with these handmade napkins. The men featured ties and the girls featured collars. Each one was hand made and they went down a treat!

Table plan

My main aim for this was to be big and simple to read! Voila! Though I did enjoy coming up with various table names for it!

Thank you cards

Each of the thank you were personalised with photos of them from the wedding. Everyone loved them!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all my friends that helped my put together the extras and Emma Trinder for the amazing photography and The Flower Garage for the stunning flowers.

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